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5.4mm 1/2.3inch M12 NDVI Lens Mapping 10MP No Distortion Lens

NDVI (Normalized difference vegetation index) is the most common vegetation index, and is used to detect live, green, or photosynthetic capacity of plant canopies in multispectral remote sensing data. It is one of the most successful indices to quickly identify vegetated areas and their condition. This index can be used to analyze crops in all growth stages.


Model  lyx5.4-red
Image size  1/2.3inch Φ
Focal length  5.4mm±5%
Aperture  2.5mm±5%
Field of View D: 70°H: 60°V: 46°
Distortion -2%
Total Optical Length  24.74 mm±0.2
Back Focal Length  6.61mm
Flange Back Length  6.23mm
Thread Size  M12*P0.5
Optical Structure 5G2MG+IR
IR Cut Coating   NDVI RED
Barrel Material  Aluminium Alloy

5.4mm 12.3inch M12 NDVI Lens Mapping 10MP No Distortion Lens Specification NDVI red Lens

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