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1.45mm 190 Degree 12MP Wide Angle IR Fisheye Lens For Gopro Hero 3 4 Xiaomi Yi

A super wide 190 degree circular fisheye lens designed for panoramic imaging. Perfect for creating 360 video camera arrays. This lens is IR corrected so that IR and visible light are in sharp focus at the same time. Great for normal, IR and special filter applications.


Model  lyx1.45
Image size  1/2.3inch φ4.4mm
Focal length  1.45mm
Aperture  2.2mm
Field of View D: 190°  H:190°V:190°
Distortion  <-3.7%
Total Optical Length  28.4mm
Back Focal Length  4.62mm
Flange Back Length  3.9mm
Thread Size  M12*P0.5
Optical Structure  8G+IR
IR Cut Coating   Tave>=95% @440nm-620nm, Tave=50%@650nm±10nm
Barrel Material  Aluminium Alloy


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