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3.97mm 1/2.3” UAV platform Board Lens No Distortion CCTV Lens

This 3.97mm lens is a direct replacement for most action cameras like Gopro Flying


Model  lyx3.97
Image size  1/2.3inch
Focal length  3.97mm±5%
Aperture  2.8mm±5%
Field of View D: 90°H: 72°V:56°
Distortion 3%
Total Optical Length  25.2 mm±0.2
Back Focal Length  4.44mm
Flange Back Length  2.62mm
Thread Size  M12*P0.5
Optical Structure  8G+IR
IR Cut Coating   Tave<=95% @420nm-620nm, Tave=50%@650nm±10nm
Barrel Material  Aluminium Alloy
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