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3.8mm UAV CCTV Lens 1 2.3Inch 12MP Low Distortion 95D Lens

This 3.8mm lens is a direct replacement for most action cameras and drones DJI PHANTOM 3 TYPHOON UAVS,  It adopts 8G + 1 IR filter lens structure and can reach upto 16MP high resolution, to most extent produce highly precise and quality picture, excellent correction of distortion.


Model  lyx3.8
Focal Length  3.8mm
Distortion  <2.8%
Black Vignetting  NO
Weight  6g
Field of View (D*H*V) 95°*82°*65°
Aperture  F/2.8
Back Focal Length (BFL)  5.59mm
Native Camera Sensor Support  1/2.3″
Native Megapixel Support  16MP
Thread Material  Metal
Optics Material  Glass
Installed Filter  Daylight (IR-Cut)

CCTV Lens For DJI Drones

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