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Why choose us

Perfect Technical Echelon Cultivation Mechanism

Perfect Technical Echelon Cultivation Me

Provide higher quality products and better service by technical support.
Detailed lens group&inspection process

Detailed lens group&inspection process

LYX provides design,sampling, mass production, marketing and technology support.
Our market

Our market

We exported to the United States, Germany, Canada, the Middle East, Japan and so on
Main Products

Main Products

Entaniya Lens, Mega Fisheye Lens, No-distortion Lens, NDVI Filter Map Lens.



about us

Liling LYX Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2017, headquartered in optical industry base - Liling. The company is a optoelectronics enterprise specializing in innovation technology , which is also a comprehensive enterprise with integration of research, development, production, sales and service. The company has specialized in advanced professional talents of optical theory, photoelectric technology, product development, marketing andIn 2017 by the shareholders to determine the strategic layout, the development of new ideas, the company focused on the development of design products, electronic product design wit...



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