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  Liling LYX Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2017, headquartered in optical industry base - Liling. The company is a optoelectronics enterprise specializing in innovation technology , which is also a comprehensive enterprise with integration of research, development, production, sales and service.

  Liling LYX Electronics Technology Co., Ltd dedicates to products differentiation and customization. The products include Fisheye Lens, no distortion lens, DV lens, UAV camera lens, scanner lens, vehicle-mounted wide-angle lens, security and surveillance lens, which could meet a variety of needs of customers.

The company has specialized in advanced professional talents of optical theory, photoelectric technology, product development, marketing and other aspects, including senior optical designer 18 (including 5 Japanese designers and 2 Korean designers), and combined with the 10 major colleges and universities, quality department, sales department 12. With optical lenses division, mechanical processing division, optical assembly division, mechanical assembly division, quality inspection division and other business division. The company is equipped with many sets of optical processing equipment, including: machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, milling machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, spectrometer, full frequency interferometer, MTF test machine, automatic center deviation measuring instrument, high and low temperature test, vibration test machine etc.

In 2017 by the shareholders to determine the strategic layout, the development of new ideas, the company focused on the development of design products, electronic product design with the relevant source of new intellectual property, inspection and final product quality, strict quality control, to provide high quality products and services for our customers. In order to provide the output of products, the company through the integration of industry resources, strategic investment related company, let the company strategy of optical lenses and mechanical parts processing, in order to achieve a monthly production of 5 million pieces of optical glass spherical mirrors, processing capacity of 500 thousand lens.

Liling LYX Electronics Technology Co adheres to market-oriented, adhering to the "integrity, innovation, dedication, excellence" spirit of enterprise and the international advanced management concepts, in business has always been the pursuit of focus, with good products and good services, to meet the different needs of customers at home and abroad. Now it has formed a diversified and internationalized development pattern of integrated supply and marketing services at home and abroad, and 80% of its products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions, including the United States, the European Union, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan and so on.

The company always adheres to the internationalization of the road to development,to do special, strong, big and far away. We hope that on the premise of equality and mutual benefit, the friends of the optoelectronics industry in the world will establish long-term and friendly cooperative relations and seek common development and create win-win situation together.


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